Leaked images allegedly show off the iPhone 6’s Lightning connector

As we inch closer towards the iPhone 6’s eventual release, we have been treated with additional photos of the upcoming device. A recent video surfaced claiming that the iPhone 6’s display will not be made from pure sapphire, and now thanks to a new photo, images of the alleged iPhone 6’s Lightning connector, microphone, and headphone jack have surfaced. According to the person who posted the photo, they claim to have gotten the component from an old high school classmate who is working in the manufacturing industry in Shenzhen, China. Given that Foxconn has a factory in that area, it just might explain how they got their hands on it, although there’s no way of actually verifying their claims.

A pair of images out of Asia on Friday supposedly show a flex cable for an unannounced Apple product, containing a Lightning connector port, microphone and unusually large headphone jack. The photos of the alleged Apple part were posted to the MacX forum by a user who claims to have acquired the cable from an old junior high school classmate now working in the manufacturing industry in Shenzhen, China. Apple partner supplier Foxconn is known to have a factory in that area, though the connection is tenuous at best. Because AppleInsider cannot verify the authenticity of the hardware, the following is offered for purposes of discussion only. While the overall design of the flex cable is similar to that of Apple’s most recent iPhones, including the iPhone 5s, there are a few interesting differences worth pointing out. For example, the rear side of the cable appears to have additional grounding plates, circuitry and an oval hole cut out just above the Lightning connector. Apple’s next iPhone is expected to feature an ultra-slim profile, meaning the cutout could be a space saving measure meant to afford extra headroom for components. The headphone jack is also larger than those found in current model iPhones, which feature a rectangular cuboid housing a bit larger than the barrel holding the assembly’s TRRS finger contacts. While mere speculation, the part could serve a dual purpose, perhaps as a secondary loud speaker. Apple does hold patents for a 3.5mm TRRS jack that integrates a speaker module and the part in Friday’s photo appears to be specially molded.

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