Lenovo is reportedly working on a Yoga 2 10-inch convertible tablet

Lenovo offers two kinds of products under the Yoga brand. There are Yoga-branded Android tablets that have built-in kickstands and then there are full-fledged Windows notebooks that can also be used as tablets because the screen can be pushed back a full 360 degrees. If an FCC listing is to be believed the company might be readying a new Yoga device for release and all signs point to an Android tablet. The listing is for a Bluetooth Keyboard cover for the Lenovo Yoga 2 10. Since Windows powered Yoga devices have built-in keyboards there’s really no need for a Bluetooth keyboard cover. This is a major sign which points towards the new tablet being powered by Android. The listing reveals that this keyboard has a microUSB power and support for Bluetooth Low Energy.

Lenovo may be preparing to expand its Yoga tablet family with a new 10 inch model called the Yoga 2 10. It’s not clear if this is a Windows or Android tablet, although there’s reason to believe it’s a new addition to the company’s line of Android tablets. While Lenovo’s Yoga devices that run Windows have built-in keyboards, the Android models do not… and we first learned about the Yoga 2 10 from an FCC listing for a Bluetooth keyboard. You don’t generally need a Bluetooth keyboard for a device that has one built in. The FCC documents describe the device as a Bluetooth keyboard cover for the Lenovo Yoga 2 10″ and tell us that the keyboard has a micro USB port and seems to support Bluetooth Low Energy. That’s about all we know at this point. Lenovo uses the Yoga name to describe two different sets of products: Windows notebooks that become tablets when you push the screen back 360 degrees and Android tablets with built-in kickstand/handles. Since this device uses an external keyboard it’s either an Android model or an entirely new type of Windows device. So far the “Yoga 2″ name has only been used for Windows models with Intel Haswell or Bay Trail processors, but I suppose it could also describe a next-generation version of the company’s Android devices. The current Yoga line of Android tablets feature MediaTek or Qualcomm processors, HD or full HD displays, 1GB of RAM, and one feature (aside from the kickstands) which helps them stand out: up to 18 hours of battery life.

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