Pandora now has over 2 million users in Australia and New Zealand

Pandora Australia and New Zealand has cracked 2 million registered listeners with the streaming service now attracting two new users every second. However, Pandora’s Australia and New Zealand MD, Jane Huxley, said she isn’t surprised about the growth because of the way the product organically gains momentum. “The way that our platform works is that we grow virally, we know that people who download and use Pandora recruit other people to download and use Pandora,” she said. “So it makes sense to me that the more listeners we get the more listeners we get. I like to call it the great Amway of radio apps.”

Two million Aussies and New Zealanders have registered for Pandora since the music streaming service launched in the region less than two years ago. After launching Decemeber 2012, Pandora says it has essentially doubled its user base in the last 12 months in the ANZ region, though it did hit the 200 million mark globally earlier this year. Pandora’s statistics also shows that two new users register across ANZ every second. With 190 million hours of music streamed in the region, Pandora’s Managing Director, Jane Huxley believes its success is due in a large part to how personal the service is. In Australia and NZ alone, there are 29 million personalised stations, according to Pandora. “We know and celebrate the fact that every individual has their own unique relationship with music,” she said. “Our business is based on getting to know our listeners likes and dislikes so that we can continue to spin track after track of music we know they will love.”

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