Recon has a final design for its “Google Glass for sports”

You may remember Recon Jet HUD glasses which some have dubbed as the “Google Glass for sports.” Developed by Recon Instruments this wearable device was supposed to be released earlier this year but the company pushed back the launch to September 25th. The company has provided an update on the development process and has confirmed that the final design of Recon Jet has now been locked in. The industrial design has been finalized and the re-articulation of Jet’s computing engine is one change that most people will instantly notice. It raked upwards now as opposed to earlier designs. This change has been made to improve viewing angle and camera orientation. 

No, the Recon Jet still isn’t out yet, but its manufacturer has a few bits of news to share. For starters, the sports-minded heads up display’s brain box is now angled slightly upward, which supposedly improves the display’s viewing angle and camera orientation. This tweak apparently boosts the HUD’s ergonomics and makes it fit a bit better, too. The Jet is also now rated to IP65 standard, which means it’ll be able to withstand dust and torrential rainstorms. Don’t think that it’ll work on your next swim, though, because submerging the unit is apparently out of the question. The outfit (thankfully) doesn’t mention any changes to its September 25th release date, either, but it is spending the next month working on testing the Jet. Oh, and there’s a protective case in the works too — all the better to keep your $700 investment safe and sound. How protected to the Jet remains while it’s on your face, however, well, that’s up to you.

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