Rolocule wants to turn your Chromecast into a bootleg Wii

Chromecast’s new mirroring feature lets users pull up an Android phone screen onto a TV. And why would you want to put your little screen on your bigger screen? If game maker Rolocule has its way, to play Nintendo Wii-like games without bothering with a console. Rolocule has introduced its Motion Tennis to the Googlesphere. The team’s demo works on the Chromecast by using the new mirroring capability announced at Google I/O, and it plans to launch a public beta in the near future. A Chromecast dongle is considerably cheaper than a gaming console, so if Rolocule can fix the lag issue it has with the demo, this could be a very affordable way to play gesture-based games.

Not sure how you’ll use Chromecast’s mirroring feature? Well, you could play tennis. About a year ago, Rolocule brought Wii-like gameplay to Apple users with Motion Tennis — an app that leveraged Apple TV and iPhone AirPlay Mirroring to turn the user’s handset into a virtual racket. Now the company is doing the same thing with Google’s Chromecast. Using the mirroring feature announced at Google I/O, Rolocule has cooked up an early demo (available after the break) of Motion Tennis on a Nexus 5. The prototype has a noticeable input delay, but it’s an excellent proof of concept for gameplay possibilities available to devices with screen mirroring. Don’t have a Chromecast dongle? No worries, Rolocule says it’s working on Miracast support too, and told Engadget that a public beta will be launching soon. Read on to see the Chromecast version of the game in action.

By Carl Durrek

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