Sega has no plans to bring its games to the Wii U virtual console

The age-old rivalry between Sega and Nintendo may be all but over, but that doesn’t mean the two companies are sharing everything with each other. Case in point: the distinct lack of Sega games on the Wii U Virtual Console. Case in sad point: that situation may not change anytime soon, if ever. In response to a Twitter user’s question about plans to bring Sega games to the Wii U Virtual Console, Yosuke Okunari said plainly that “there are no such plans.” Not all hope was dashed however, as Okunari suggested the fan make their desires known to Sega West.

One of the Wii’s most notable features was its Virtual Console that offered a pretty comprehensive selection of retro games on older Nintendo hardware. The Wii U’s Virtual Console, however, is somewhat lacking and Sega’s CS research and development producer Yosuke Okunari recently confirmed on Twitter that the publisher has no plans to bring its older games to the Wii U’s VC. When asked about putting old Sega games on the Wii U Virtual Console the Japanese producer simply stated, “There is no such plan.” Twitter user PBZReviews was crestfallen as they were really hoping for some Master System games on Nintendo latest console. At this point Okunari suggested the fan “introduce your hope into Sega West.” On that note, we’ve requested comment from Sega’s western side to confirm that this is the case in North America and Europe as well, but have yet to hear back. Of course, the Wii U is backwards compatible with the Wii, so you can still play these games by entering “Wii Mode,” but they’re not going to have Wii U specific features like Miiverse integration or Gamepad support.



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