The EchoWear app is bringing song identification to Android Wear

While Android Wear devices like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are slowly starting to make its way to customers, we’re starting to see more apps make its way onto the platform. However what makes these otherwise normal apps different is that they are designed to run on smartwatches which are constantly on our wrist, thus saving us time from having to get our phone out. A good example would be the EchoWear app. This app has been designed for the Android Wear platform and it is basically the equivalent of Shazam or Soundhound for your wrist. For those who aren’t familiar with Shazam or Soundhound, it basically has the ability to listen to a snippet of a song and identify it for you.

Have you ever been in a public place, heard a song over the PA system which you can’t place the title and artist, then have the song haunt you until you sleep? That was probably a scenario from a few years back, when we didn’t have Google or Shazam and the likes. But now it’s easy enough if you have an app that helps you identify the song or you remember a line or two which you then can Google to find out the title. A new Android Wear app makes it even easier for those who have smartwatches. EchoWear Song Search makes sure that you don’t need to bring out your smartphone in order to find out what song is playing in the bus or in the restaurant. Of course you need a smartwatch running on Android Wear, say a Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch (and soon, a Moto 360) then download the app through the Google Play Store. Simply activate the app via voice command “Start Echo Search” on your wearable and it will then record a few seconds of the song that’s playing around you, then sends it to the music database service Gracenote. In just a few seconds, it will let you know what song it was and who sang it, from what album it’s from (album art included), how long it lasts, and voila, you won’t spend the rest of the day trying to remember or identify that elusive song. You even have the option of buying the song later on your smartphone by saving the information, kind of like a wishlist or favourite list.


By Carl Durrek

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