This robot can copy the Torah faster than a rabbi can

The robot’s quill runs across the paper scroll, from right to left, scribbling down ancient Hebrew letters with black ink. It is penning down the Torah, the Jews’ holy scripture, and it is doing it much faster than a rabbi could because it doesn’t need to take breaks. The Torah-writing robot was developed by the German artists’ group robotlab and was presented for the first time Thursday at Berlin’s Jewish Museum. While it takes the machine about three months to complete the 80-meter-long scroll, a rabbi or sofer needs nearly a year. But unlike the rabbi’s work, the robot’s Torah can’t be used in a synagogue. 

In the past, a Jewish priest or rabbi would have to go through a slew of cleansing rituals in order to purify himself before he started to begin work on a copy of the Torah. Mistakes were not tolerated at all, which is why we can be sure of the authenticity as well as accuracy of the Torah after all these years. Having said that, why not let a robot take over a tedious task if it can do a great job? Ths particular robot and its quill is full well capable of running all over a paper scroll – from right to left, as it writes down the ancient Hebrew letters with black ink. The Torah is benig penned down, and it does so a whole lot faster compared to that of a human rabbi for the simple fact that machines do not really need any kind of rest at all, and there are no toilet breaks to think about. This particular Torah-writing robot happens to be the brainchild of the German artists’ group robotlab, where it was shown off to the world for the first time over at Berlin’s Jewish Museum. The amount of time taken to complete the 80-meter (260-foot) -long scroll, would require approximately three months – whereas a Jewish scribe would take close to a year for that task to be completed.

By Connor Livingston

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