This toaster lets you put a selfie on a piece of toast

It seems that the trend of selfies is not going to be going away anytime soon, so if you’d like for a way to immortalize your selfie on a piece of toast, you will be able to do so thanks to the folks at the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation. Making art on toast is not new, as the company has released several designs in the past. However if you’d like a more personalized piece of art, namely your face, you will be pleased to learn that the company has started taking orders for a selfie toaster which will set you back a relatively affordable $75.

As I crunched my toast this morning I realised that something was missing. Yes, that something was definitely a picture of my face. On my toast. Because, well, why not right in these deeply narcissistic times? The selfie toaster, then, ought to make many a narcissists breakfast even better. As the LA times reported, a company called “Burned Impressions” in Vermont, America, have invented a toaster that burns an image of your face onto your slice of bread for a cool price of $75. The company also specialises in Jesus toasters and Rapture toasters in case you were interested in making a quick buck on Ebay on the side. Some media outlets are calling it the end of times that people would want a toaster that puts a photo of themselves on to their slice of sourdough in the morning. But we’re not entirely convinced it’s the worst present you could receive.

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