Apple has updated its HealthKit privacy policy to protect your health info

When Apple’s HealthKit platform starts getting stuffed with personal user data, third-parties will not have the authorization to sell your information to advertisers. Apple on Thursday quietly updated HealthKit’s privacy policy to ensure the platform is only used to provide users with health updates. That’s a relief, and quells some major concerns heading into Apple’s Sept. 9 event, which reports claim will unveil the company’s long-rumored iWatch.

Ahead of the September 9 event, Apple has updated its HealthKit privacy policy for developers to keep user data out of the hands of advertisers and data brokers. The Financial Times reports that the company’s updated policy will stop third-party apps from using personal data collected while using the HealthKit platform for anything other than informing users of their health. Announced at WWDC as part of the upcoming iOS 8 launch, HealthKit is a central repository that collects data from all third-party health apps on a device that enable the collection. The information is parsed by HealthKit and presented via the Health app in easy to understand graphs. By changing its privacy rules, Apple is ensuring all that data stays out of the hands of advertisers.

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