Apple is preparing a major expansion for its Reno datacenter

The infrastructure that backs Apple’s now-massive cloud services — including iTunes and iCloud — continues to grow, as the company has reportedly filed building permit applications that detail its plan to bring two new data clusters online at its Nevada facility. The new buildings are believed to represent the first construction of the Reno project’s third phase, following the raising of administrative offices on the site earlier this year. The applications were first noted by the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The Reno Gazette-Journal has reported that Apple has applied for permits to construct two additional datacenter cluster buildings on its 345-acre campus during their announced Phase 1 construction development. This brings the total number of datacenter clusters in this first phase to eight, a number which includes the initial rapid deployment center that was the first facility to go live on the Nevada campus earlier this year. But if you think that Apple is looking to just meet current demand and near term projections with this rapid datacenter growth, think again. While they have not yet applied for the building permits, they have poured eight additional pads for datacenter cluster buildings on the campus during the Phase 1 construction. Apple also completed their announced Phase 2 this year with the opening of a dedicated administration building on the campus, bringing the total number of buildings on the campus to nine. While it sounds like everything is rosy in Apple’s Reno datacenter land, the RGJ reports that this actually isn’t the case. The growth and construction in the Reno technology park campus continues apace, but Apple has yet to do anything with the property it acquired in downtown Reno.

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