Apple patented a mouse with haptic feedback and force sensors

Imagine if your mouse was more like a games controller, providing feedback as you navigated your desktop. Well, Apple’s certainly had that idea,¬†and described it in this recently approved patent for a mouse that reacts to your use. The “Force Sensing Mouse” patent describes how sensors in a mouse could measure the level and location of forces exerted on it main button. It also explains how an integrated haptics systems could be employed for providing feedback.

An Apple patent filing uncovered on Thursday describes an advanced mouse that employs sensors to measure the level and location of force exerted on its main button, as well as haptics systems for providing feedback. As published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s application for a “Force Sensing Mouse” details a mouse peripheral that not only varies its output based on how hard a user presses, but returns confirmation feedback in the way of haptic vibrations. The invention is largely built around a strain gauge operatively coupled to a cantilever arm or beam. Employing the familiar Apple mouse design, with a single large top portion acting as a button or buttons, the accessory is able to easily and accurately transfer force through the arm, onto the sensor.

By Sal McCloskey

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