Cloud note-taking app Notability has made its way to the desktop

Popular iOS note taking app Notability is today making its way to the Mac, allowing users to seamlessly switch between platforms with notes synced via iCloud. The Mac app has been designed specifically for the desktop but features a familiar look and feel to users of the mobile apps. It also features automatic Dropbox and Google Drive backups, keyboard shortcuts, and other new features to optimize the experience for OS X. In addition, you’ll find all the handwriting, audio recording, note replay, organization, and sharingfeatures from the iPhone and iPad version.

For the last few years, Notability has emerged as one of the favorite apps for students who wish to take notes during class while also recording audio of their lectures. The app, which was already available for the iPhone and iPad, is now bringing all the same functionality to the desktop, rounding out all the places where its users might want to access their notes. Notability was created by an outfit called Ginger Labs, which first sought to help the hearing impaired with a mobile app called soundAMP that, with the help of earbuds, could help amplify the sounds of the world around its users. But the company quickly realized that tapping into the recording functionality of the iPhone had other applications. They figured out how to sync up recordings with notes that users were taking, and Notability was born. More than just an app for saving text-based notes, Notability was created to be flexible and support a wide range of inputs. Users can draw on the mobile and tablet apps, add images and text, and even import and embed documents or web pages directly into their documents, all with audio timestamped against the text or media added.


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