Facebook has acquired a security startup called PrivateCore

Facebook has acquired PrivateCore, a security startup focused on encryption and malware prevention, according to a blogpost by PrivateCore chief Oded Horovitz. According to Horovitz, Facebook will “deploy” PrivateCore’s “technology into the Facebook stack to help protect the people who use Facebook.” PrivateCore was backed by Foundation Capital, a VC firm which also invested in Pocket, AdRoll, and SpoonRocket.

Facebook announced this morning it has acquired PrivateCore, a Palo Alto-based secure server technology company. The deal does not appear to be solely an acqui-hire, as Facebook says that it plans to deploy PrivateCore’s technology into Facebook’s server stack in order to better protect its own servers and customers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but PrivateCore was backed by $2.3 million in funding from TEEC Angel Fund and Foundation Capital, according to Crunchbase. “PrivateCore and Facebook share a vision of a more connected, secure world,” a Facebook spokesperson stated. “We plan to deploy PrivateCore’s groundbreaking technology into Facebook’s server stack to help further our mission to protect the people who use our service.” Founded in late 2011/early 2012, the startup offered something it called the “vCage solution” which allowed PrivateCore to validate the integrity of remote servers, while also protecting data-in-use. Its software protected any application in use on commodity x86 servers, which would help combine the security that comes with an on-premise solution with the flexibility of the cloud, the company’s website explains.

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