Glympse is bringing quick location sharing to your Pebble smartwatch

Glympse, an app that lets you share your current location with specific people over a pre-determined period of time, is now supported on the Pebble smartwatch. Android and iOS users with the Glympse app can now bring up and share their whereabouts from their wrist. The implementation also supports messages and, if you’re running late, you can extend the sharing period in 15 minute chunks. As before, recipients don’t need the app to access your location; the live map can be accessed through any browser. It’s a nice touch that avoids the age-old problem of persuading friends to download yet another application.

Glympse, the service that lets you share your location with your friends through its mobile apps, has now arrived on the Pebble smartwatch. As of today, you can download Glympse’s Pebble-integrated app on iOS or Android and share your location and estimated time of arrival (ETA) with your friends right from your Pebble watch — no need to take out your phone. With Glympse, people can share their location with others, and that information expires within a period of time, up to four hours. Users can view their Glympse messages and terminate or ad additional time to their location shares. “We’ve been focused on making it easy for anyone to share their location at any time. By partnering with Pebble, we are [giving] their hundreds of thousands of users the ability to share their location, in real-time, wherever they are,” said Glympse director of partner development Rob Foley in a statement. Glympse’s real-time location tracking/sharing technology has been integrated into cars, commercial airplanes, messaging apps, and more. It is already available on Android Wear, Google’s new smartwatch operating system, which it launched on in early July.

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