Google updates Now to provide alternate routes for delayed flights

If you frequently travel, then you know that airports can be a mess. You arrive a couple hours before your flight to make it through an airline’s grueling check-in process, only to find out your flight has been delayed. Now playing the waiting game, you sit around wondering if it’ll be minutes or hours before you board your flight. Apparently Google is aware of this type of situation and the company has updated its Google Now platform with new features for globetrotters.

Frequent air travellers who often get upset with delayed flights might finally get some help from the Google Search app for Android and its latest update. Google has released a new update for the Search app for Android that checks for flight alternatives in case a user’s flight gets delayed, and displays them in the form of Google Now cards. The search engine giant quietly released the update on Tuesday which also brings bug fixes and performance improvements. The latest app update for Google Search Android app also added train and bus reminders from Gmail reservations, once again showing in Google Now card form. The Google Play India store lists the Search app with the new update. The latest Google Search app for Android comes a week after another update, which enabled deep linking of app content through search, a new pop-up warning when a user tries to enable ‘Ok Google’ hotword detection from any screen with a message. Google also recently update the Search app to offer details about places nearby the hotel from Gmail reservations.

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