Instagram is set to announce some very Twitter-like features

It looks as though Instagram is set to bring a few new features to its application, reportedly “channeling its inner Twitter.” According to The Verge, Instagram is set to announce a few new features for both Android and iOS – follow suggestions, trending hashtags, and “curated” content. Follow suggestions will allow users to find more profiles which they should follow, depending on who you already follow. For example, if you follow the SF Giants, IG might suggest that you follow Pablo Sandoval or Hunter Pence. If you happen to follow Dan Bilzerian, IG might then suggest one of the many young ladies he surrounds himself with.

Instagram was always one of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s favorite apps. The story goes that Dorsey just barely missed his opportunity to acquire the company, which had seemed to be such a natural fit for Twitter. But two years after being acquired by Facebook, Instagram is starting to look more and more like the big brother it almost had. When you follow someone new, Instagram now shows “Suggested” users to follow, just like Twitter. Follow Mac Demarco, and Instagram suggests his label and bandmates. Follow the Carolina Panthers and Instagram suggests you follow Cam Newton and the Charlotte Hornets. Sources tell The Verge that they’re algorithmic, not hand-curated — either way, they should dramatically increase the follower counts for notable users. It’s easy to get lost in the loop of following one celebrity, then following one of their friends, and so on. The company has also recently been quietly revamping its Explore tab. You may have noticed that friends of friends and even your favorite dog breeds have started showing up there. In short, the Explore page is no longer a joke. It’s actually useful, and echoes the utility provided by Twitter’s Discover page. Tap on a photo and you might see suggestions “based on people you follow” below it. Tap on another and you might see what’s “popular in your country.”

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