Intel and Unity Technologies are teaming up to optimize mobile games

Intel and Unity Technologies announced that the Unity Engine, which is used for creating games and other 2D/3D applications, will be optimized for Android devices using Intel hardware such as the Intel Core and Intel Atom series of processors. What that means for the consumer is a better experience on each and every Intel-based Android mobile device. “Given our publicly stated goal to ship 40 million tablets this year and the fact that we will have more than 100 Android tablet designs in the market by the end of this year, it’s important for us to offer great experiences on Intel platforms running Android,” said Christos Georgiopoulos.

Intel and Unity Technologies are making games work better on tablets with Intel chips. The deal will help Intel break into the fast-growing tablet market, and it will make Unity an even bigger platform for games. Unity chief executive David Helgason announced that both companies will extend Android support in Intel-enabled mobile devices. He spoke at the company’s Unite conference in Seattle today. Christos Georgiopoulos, the vice president in the software and services group at Intel and general manager of developer relations, said in an interview with GamesBeat the strategic deal will accelerate Intel’s push into mobility. Unity has more than 2.9 million registered developers. They can now write native Android mobile apps for Intel processors and graphics technology. That means that Unity-based code for games will run faster and better on Intel-based Android devices. The collaboration will cover a wide range of current and future devices. Unity has built a game engine, which enables developers to create games that can run on a variety of platforms including mobile devices, game consoles, PCs, and embedded systems. By adding support for new platforms such as Android on Intel, Unity makes it simple for a game to take full advantage of the unique hardware features of an Intel-based system.

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