LG is bringing Android L to the G2 next year

The next version of Android doesn’t even have a name or official version number, simply being called theAndroid L release for now, but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from promising the update will come to its devices soon. This week we’ve received word that this important update will come to the LG G2 sometime early next year. In June, Google took the stage at Google I/O and debuted its all new Android L update, an update that is expected to replace the well known Android 4.4 KitKat update sometime this fall. Unlike Android 4.4 KitKat, the Android L update is set to deliver a number of changes to the Android experience including an improved design, battery life improvements, and much more.

LG may be focused on the G3 flagship of late while plotting a roadmap to capitalize on that smartphones success, but the company is still taking care of its older handsets too. The Korean company has today confirmed that its former flagship, the LG G2, will be getting the upgrade to Android L when Google launches its new version of the mobile platform. Well, actually, not exactly when Google rolls out L, but LG has confirmed that the G2 will get the software somewhere down the line. Instead the update is set to land in 2015 and some reports suggest that could be as late as September, but better late than never we think. Besides, we think LG will work a little quicker than that and its core devices will get the L treatment a lot sooner. LG also announced this week that it would be taking its simple Android UI from the G3 and carrying to other new smartphones and tablets launching throughout the end of 2014. That will now obviously apply to those that run Android L, although we will be hoping that LG also gives the easy to use G3 UI to the G2 as well. I owned the LG G2 and loved the hardware but always felt let down by the software, so hopefully LG will fix that with Android L and the G3 UI. The company didn’t update the skin when it put Android 4.4 KitKat on the G2, so there is a chance that the old clunky LG take on Android will remain, L release or not.

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