LG’s new ultra-HD TV is actually priced somewhat reasonably

Just days after LG put its 105-inch curved Ultra HD television up for pre-order, it appears the electronics producer is preparing to do the same with a smaller model. The 65EC9700, a 65-inch Ultra HD curved television using OLED will apparently start shipping sometime in September, with a price tag far below its 105-inch counterpart. According to Geek.com, the 65-inch TV will have a recommended retail price of $9,000, though it will apparently be available for as low as $7,000. Though down from the $117,000 price its larger stablemate has, the cost is still relatively high, with the OLED aspect seemingly raising the price by about $2,000 in comparison to non-OLED equivalents, though it apparently offers a better overall image.

Replacing the LCD panel in a UHD TV with an OLED panel is highly desirable for a number of reasons, but the main one for a lot of people is the fact it solves the black issue. OLED offers up the deepest blacks thanks to light output control at the pixel level. You also get wider viewing angles, lower power use, faster response times, and the TVs will be lighter to boot. The problem is, huge OLED 4K TVs aren’t readily available yet, and any that are will have extortionate pricing. That is set to change, though. After announcing a 5K 105-inch TV that will set you back $117,000, pricing for LG’s forthcoming 65-inch 4K OLED TV has leaked, and you may be able to afford it. LG’s 65EC9700 65-inch Ultra High Definition 4K Curved OLED TV will have a recommended retail price of $8,999, but you will be able to source one for as little as $6,999. Expensive? Yes. But consider a 65-inch OLED TV is going to have far better visuals than even the top end 65-inch LCD 4K TVs. For example, Samsung’s Series 9 curved Ultra HD TV is $4,499.98. If you want the best, $2,500 extra may be worth it. It’s still very expensive, but you have to put the price in context. This is a first for LG at least, and it’s a massive 65-inches. Most people don’t need such a large display and smaller ones will obviously be cheaper. This also sets a bar: huge OLED TVs will cost around $7,000. A couple of years from now that should have dropped significantly, not least because of competition in the market. In 2015 we should see 32-inch and 40-inch versions for much more affordable prices with the default benefit of looking far better than the LCD TVs they replace.

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