Microsoft is looking to take on Google’s Chromecast streaming dongle

Look who is building a streaming dongle now: Microsoft is getting ready to launch its very own Chromecast competitor, according documents filed with the FCC that were unearthed this week. The FCC application for the device with the model number HD-10 is heavily redacted and doesn’t actually spell out what it can be used for, only revealing that it comes with a HDMI port, Wi-Fi and a USB connection for power supply.

Google’s Chromecast is a hit, and now it appears Microsoft wants to replicate something similar for Windows Phone and probably Windows PCs. Windows Phone Daily and Nokiapoweruser did some sleuthing at the Federal Communication Commission’s website, and look what they found: a new mobile accessory from Microsoft. At first it wasn’t clear what the product was, but after checking other resources online it appears Microsoft is making a Miracast dongle for HDTVs. Miracast is a screencasting standard for connected devices over Wi-Fi Direct. Coincidence?—Microsoft recently added Miracast support to Windows Phone via theLumia Cyan firmware for Windows Phone 8.1. It appears the new dongle would take advantage of Windows Phone 8.1’s Miracast-based Project My Screen feature to broadcast your screen to a TV. This could be used for putting anything from videos and games to presentations and photos on your living room’s big screen.

By Carl Durrek

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