More Nokia Lumia 830 information has been leaked

Well, well, what do we have here? Another leak of the Nokia Lumia 830? This is the first new Windows Phone-powered handset that hails from Nokia Devices, otherwise known as Microsoft Mobile. It is certainly not the first leak of the device that is circulating out there, but it offers more things to look at and ogle over, at least from a different angle where this smartphone is concerned. Needless to say, an official announcement would do a whole lot to quell other speculations, but at least one can take a closer look at it this time around.

The Lumia 830 is the next upper mid-range devices to come from Nokia, now owned by Microsoft. The device is seen in alleged photos a few weeks ago, along with various bits of information including unique releases for US carriers and a global launch. Now, the Lumia 830, complete with ‘Microsoft Mobile’ internal branding, gets caught passing through Brazil’s Anatel certification (analogous to the FCC in the US). The phone is all but official now, and so far, it looks to be one interesting phone. The Lumia 830 measures in at 139.4 mm x 70.7 mm x 8.5 mm, making it relatively thin compared to previous Lumia designs. From the images, we can also see the micro USB charging port is back on top again, near the headphone jack. The model name is RM-985, though Lumia 830 is confirmed as the commercial release name. A removal back cover, replaceable battery, and micro SD card are also visible in the accompanying manual.

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