Pixbi has released its new in-ad shopping app

Pixbi today announced the launch of its new platform for digital magazines to create an interactive purchasing experience for consumers. The technology seamlessly enables instant product purchases through digital magazine images, empowering consumers to make choices as they read and brands to connect directly with target audiences. The new Pixbi platform will be integrated into upcoming digital editions of Shape, Popular Science, Popular Photography, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Flex, Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health.

Everyone in ad tech is trying to figure out how to make mobile ads shoppable, but no one has dominated the space just yet. New competitors continue stake a claim, the latest of which is Pixbi. The in-ad shopping app is announcing its official launch today. Pixbi integrates with digital publications and works like this: You’re swiping through a magazine and you see some jeans in an ad that you must have. Within the ad is a big white Pixbi ‘P.’ Clicking on it takes you to a portal within the app where you can view the product. The jeans are from Macy’s and cost $59. You then have the choice to go back to the magazine, save the product, or “Buy Now.” If you choose to buy the product, Macy’s checkout will pop up in the same window. You are never pushed to an Internet browser; the whole checkout process happens in the magazine reading app.

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