Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will feature an improved fingerprint sensor

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung brought a new hardware feature to the table in the form of a fingerprint sensor which seemed to capitalize on the popularity of the iPhone 5s and Apple’s own introduction of their Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Now according to a recent report from SamMobile, it seems that the fingerprint sensor will be extended to the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 as well. SamMobile’s sources claim that the handset is expected to feature Synaptics’ Natural ID fingerprint sensor, similar to that of the Galaxy S5 and the recently announced Galaxy Alpha.

Since the beginning of the month, we have been exclusively revealing details about Samsung’s upcoming flagship phablet device, the Galaxy Note 4, bit by bit. Last week, we spilled the beans on the device’s camera features, and the development of its Ultrasonic Cover. Today, we will unfold details about the Galaxy Note 4’s fingerprint sensor. Our credible source reports, the Galaxy Note 4 will sport Synaptics’ Natural ID solution, just like the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha. Many aren’t aware of the technologies which come bundled with Synaptics’ Natural ID solution, one of those technologies is LiveFlex™. This technology allows the separation of the fingerprint sensing element from the fingerprint controller integrated circuit. Samsung uses this technology to split the fingerprint sensor into two parts, one part is incorporated into the home button, while the other part takes input from the main touch screen, and both are used simultaneously to get an ID loaded. The sensor is compliant with FIDO, as well.

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