Spotify has started sending out invites to Canadian users

Roughly a month after first announcing its expansion into Canada, subscription streaming music service Spotify is now sending invites to people who signed up to receive notification when the service was imminent. Invitations are currently still on a limited basis, but the company is testing the service in Canada presently. Canada is not yet officially listed on the company’s website as one of the countries it serves, but an official debut is expected in the coming weeks.

A month ago, we reported that Spotify had published a sign-up page ahead of its much-anticipated Canadian launch. In exchange for an email address, audiophiles were promised early access to the streaming music service once Spotify was ready to flip the switch. According to 9to5Mac, Spotify must be ready, as registrants are starting to receive their invites via email. If you neglected to register previously, you may be stuck waiting a little longer, as Spotify still doesn’t have Canada listed on its website. Those who did register appear to have access to a free trial of the service; there’s no word yet on Canadian pricing for the premium version. Let us know if you’ve registered and received your invite.

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