Stripe is bringing in-tweet purchases to Twitter

Twitter has already dropped hints that payments will be available via tweets. According to Recode, the backbone of those payments will be handled by Stripe. According to Recode’s sources, the two companies have finally come to an agreement after speculation emerged back in January concerning the two companies working together. Stripe has been making waves in the commerce space and it looks like it’s Twitter’s only commerce partner so far.

Twitter’s long-awaited plan to let its users make purchases right from a tweet is nearing, and payments startup Stripe will have a role in the business, multiple industry sources tell Re/code. Later this year, Twitter is expected to unveil buttons within tweets that say “Buy” or some variation of the word; after clicking on the button, shoppers are expected to be able to enter in payment and possibly shipping information without leaving Twitter’s service. Sources say that businesses that want to sell products or services within tweets are being instructed to sign up with Stripe to process payments on their behalf. While Stripe is believed to be Twitter’s only payments partner now working on the e-commerce business, it’s not clear whether that will remain the case over the long haul. Twitter and Stripe representatives declined to comment. Re/code first reported in January that Twitter and Stripe were in talks to work together, but that a deal hadn’t been finalized. Sometime between then and now, it has, sources say.

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