The Nexus X will reportedly be released sometime around Halloween

There were rumors of the upcoming Motorola Shamu being the Nexus 6, before some other later rumors claimed otherwise. Regardless, it looks like one thing is for sure – the Nexus X that is about to be announced soon? It will not be the same as the Nexus 6, or so this is where the latest rumor has led our noses to. The Nexus X is touted for a release somewhere around Halloween, without any huge fanfare or announcement to boot.

Big news about the upcoming Motorola Nexus! We have been getting a ton of info about Motorola’s plans, and now we’re getting more on the release plans for the Nexus X. It sounds like Google’s plans are to basically do the same as last year. But, first off, that name Nexus X is not official, but is the name being used internally at Motorola for the device and it is said to “most likely” be the official name of the device, which will use model number XT1100. Many outlets, including us, have been using the name Nexus 6 because this is the 6th Nexus device, and because it is going to have a 5.9-inch display. But, regardless of how much sense it makes, Google will not be using that name because of trademark issues. Google already had some troubles with the family of author Philip K. Dick threatening a lawsuit because of the use of the name Nexus. In tDick’s story Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep? (which became the movie Blade Runner), the androids were model Nexus-6, so it makes sense that Google wants to avoid that name.

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