A 3G-enabled LG smartwatch has been spotted at the FCC

LG’s apparently gearing up to release a new smartwatch in the US other than the G Watch R, one that’s 3G-capable, just like Samsung’s Gear S. A document that’s just passed through the FCC points to an oval/rectangular LG smartwatch lightly smaller than the Gear S which comes with CDMA connectivity. Because of its codename, VC100, and the fact that it supports Verizon’s CDMA frequencies, it might just land on Big Red if there’s a US launch.

Its seems like big and small time companies from the mobile industry are hell bent on grabbing a significant share of the smartwatch market, even though, so far, sales have been underwhelming to say the least. Samsung has flooded the market with 4 smartwatches already available and with the 5th one (Gear S) ready to hit store shelves in the near future, while its domestic rival is making preparations to launch its second such device, the stylish LG G Watch R. However, it looks like the Watch R is not the only smartwatch LG is working on. Join us after the break for more. We’ve already heard, several month ago, that LG is working on a 3G capable smartwatch. To put things in context, at the time, the Samsung Gear S was known (thanks to leaks and rumors) as Gear Solo.


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