Android developers will soon be required to provide their address

Android developers are being told to list a street address in Google Play if they plan on selling apps or in-app purchases. The new rule can be found in one’s Google Play Developer Console. Developers are instructed to add a physical address to their contact information, which will be posted on the app’s detail page on Google Play. It only applies to app developers who require payment or offer in-app upgrades, those who produce entirely free apps are exempt.

If you’re an Android developer and you currently have apps in the Play Store or will be publishing them soon, a new policy in the works by Google and set to be implemented from September 30th going forward is something that you should take notice of. That’s considering that you haven’t already seen it. According to a statement in the Google Play Developer Console, Google is tweaking the policy to make it so that any app developers that will publish apps after Sep. 30th or have apps in the Play Store as of now, will need to provide a physical address on file associated with their apps in the Google Play Store after that date. Google is requesting that the address be associated with their developer profile, which would then make the detail visible to any users of the Play Store app, although this only applies to paid apps and apps with in-app purchases.

By Michio Hasai

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