AT&T has launched its affordable new Broadband Bundle

AT&T intends to keep you well entertained in the comfort of your own home through the introduction of a new Broadband Bundle. After all, customers are always on the lookout for the best bang for their buck in this day and age, so it makes perfect sense to actually shop for the package that delivers the most amount of value without having to spend too much. AT&T intends to deliver a package that will include the likes of HBO, Amazon Prime Instant Video, broadband and broadcast networks for a mere $39 each month, which is a whole lot more affordable compared to what pay-TV subscriptions normally cost in terms of service bundles.

Want HBO without all those other pricey cable channels? AT&T has a new offer for you. The telco, looking to win over customers disinclined to pay for a full lineup of cable channels, is pitching a stripped-down package that includes HBO, Amazon Prime Instant Video, broadband and broadcast networks for just $39 per month — well below what pay-TV subs typically shell out for service bundles. The telco’s the new $39 bundle includes U-basic TV, HBO and HBO Go, U-verse Internet Max Plus (which provides up to 18 megabits per second downstream), as well as one free year of Amazon Prime. Customers must sign up for a 12-month contract, after which standard rates will apply. Note that it’s available only in areas where AT&T has launched U-verse. Other providers, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon, have been testing out lower-priced packages aimed at so-called “cord nevers” that include broadband, HBO and broadcast-basic TV. But AT&T’s bundle appears to be the first to include one year of Amazon’s Prime, normally $99 per year in the U.S., as part of the deal. Prime provides free shipping on millions of Amazon products as well as access to the Prime Instant Video service.

By Michio Hasai

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