Blizzard’s cancelled MMO reportedly cost the company around $50 million

I am quite sure that some in the gaming industry are still reeling over the fact that Blizzard actually took the decision to cancel a 7-year project in the form of Project Titan, an MMORPG that never came to be. Apart from all of that time and manpower invested in the project, the bean counters would definitely want to take a closer look at just how much all of it will cost the company, and analysts have stepped forward with their preditions that Titan’s cancellation might have actually cost Activision-Blizzard somewhere to the tune of $50 million thereabouts.

Someone has spilled the beans to Kotaku regarding what exactly Blizzard’s now cancelled MMORPG Project Titan was and how it was to be played. Meanwhile, analysts predict the cancellation could have cost Activision-Blizzard in upwards of $50 million. According to ex-Blizzard employees speaking anonymously to the site, the sci-fi MMO took place on a near-future version Earth and allowed players to choose between non-combat and combat-centric professions. While the report notes many things changed over the course of development between 2007 and 2012, the premise was that mankind had “successfully fought off an alien invasion,” and the end result was a raging war among three factions. Each wants control of the planet and battle zones spanned the west coast of the US and over into Australia, Europe and South America. New areas would have been added over the years through expansions.

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