Cortana can now predict the outcome of NFL games

Windows’ digital assistant Cortana can now predict NFL games. Microsoft’s version of Siri did a near perfect job of predicting the World Cup over the summer, and the developers are now taking the feature to the NFL. Ask Cortana about the outcome of an upcoming football game and the software will quietly go to work searching Bing for the appropriate stats and figures. After some calculating, the digital assistance will give you its prediction.

Microsoft added World Cup predictions to its Cortana digital assistant earlier this summer, and now that’s being extended to the NFL. A fresh update to the service means football fans can ask for predictions for upcoming games and Microsoft’s Bing search engine will do the calculations in the background to provide the prediction. Cortana was near-perfect during the World Cup, so all eyes will be on Microsoft’s digital assistant during the upcoming NFL season. Microsoft’s most recent Cortana update also includes the ability to perform currency conversions, time zone responses, and a change to the impressions results which now include animations. The software maker regularly generally updates Cortana every two weeks to add additional data and features.

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