Google is replacing damaged Nexus 5 handsets for free

When it comes to getting a free replacement for your phone, chances are that will only happen if it is due to a manufacturing defect. This also means that generally speaking if you were to damage your phone yourself, such as dropping it, running it over with a car, taking it for a swim, and etc, well you’d be out of luck. Interestingly enough it seems that there have been a handful of reports that suggests that Google and LG could be replacing Nexus 5 handsets for free, even in the event that they might have sustained user-damage. According to one of the reports, the person called Google Play Customer service about their Nexus 5 whose screen was cracked.

If you like to live dangerously (i.e., without a smartphone cover or insurance), breaking your handset’s screen can sometimes be a terrible disaster. Getting a low-cost replacement can prove challenging depending on the company and carrier, but Google’s apparently sympathetic to the travails of careless owners. According to reports, Nexus 5 owners who ordered their devices from the Play Store are now eligible to receive one replacement free of charge, should their device accrue damage of any kind. Slightly more flexible than Motorola’s replacement program, the new policy appears to be without exemption, meaning whether your Nexus 5 ended up at the bottom of stairs or in a lake, you’re covered. Looking to take advantage? You need only call Google Play customer service and arrange to ship back your damaged device. Google will place a hold on one of the payment methods associated with your account, but it will be removed after the damaged Nexus 5 is received. The addition of Google makes three companies – Motorola, HTC, and Google – that now offer free replacements for damaged smartphones. We can only hope this is a trend that continues down the road.

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