Google is requiring Android OEMs to pre-install 20 Google apps

The majority of Android handsets come with access to some of Google’s services and the Google Play Store where they are able to download apps, music, movies, books, and so on. Then there are also some handsets that do not have access to Google’s services because they have chosen not to cooperate with the search giant, or they have chosen to create a forked version like Amazon and Nokia did.

Google’s Android operating system has been an enormous success in terms of user adoption, but the company’s own financial gains from the product haven’t always kept pace. A new report from The Information details the growing number of requirements that Google has added to its contracts with Android handset manufacturers in order to generate more revenue. For instance, one contract has increased the number of required pre-installed Google apps from nine to 20. Google has also dictated the placement and ordering of its apps and search bar on the homescreen and in a special Google folder.

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