Google Maps navigation has expanded to 20 more countries

Google Maps can now tell more people whether to turn left or right at the next intersection, now that the Navigation feature has arrived in 20 more countries. The expansion makes turn-by-turn navigation available to more African, Caribbean and South American nations, along with Sri Lanka and Nepal in Asia. It also looks like they’re getting the whole enchilada, including bus, taxi and walking/biking routes. Of course, those who’ve been usign Navigation regularly know its instructions aren’t always right, but it’s still a free and decent option. Check out the list of countries the service now supports, as spotted by Android Police on its support page, after the break.

I’d like to take a moment to both thank and blame Google. Thank you, Google, for offering a free and accurate method of maps and navigation, making it easy to find almost any address quickly and precisely. Also, it’s your fault that I never actually know where I am anymore, since I just go where my phone tells me to. Now Google Maps users in no less than twenty new countries around the world can have the same experience. It looks like this expansion is aimed primarily at boosting Google’s navigation coverage in Africa, the Caribbean, and South America, though there are a few outliers like Nepal and Malta. None of the new locations have any of the asterisks that indicate limited coverage, so as far as we know, Android users in those countries should be able to walk, drive, and bike to and from any publicly-posted address with the turn-by-turn help of Google Maps. Enjoy the new feature, international users… just don’t be surprised if you forget where you live after a year or two.


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