Hackers have launched an assault against the Pakistani government

A group of Pakistani hackers temporarily brought down several government portals, including that of the Army, and leaked 23,000 bank records in a bid to support the ongoing anti-government protests in the country – reports a local newspaper. The group calling themselves “Anonymous Op Pakistan” hacked over two dozen government websites overnight, a few of which remained inaccessible. Some of the hacked websites were defaced, the Dawn reported.

Various hackers, including some who identify as members of Anonymous, began attacking Pakistani government websites this weekend, and on Sunday released what they are purporting to be the banking information of 23,000 residents and officials in Pakistan. The attacks on government websites began Saturday afternoon, and an Anonymous-styled video message suggested the act was in solidarity with protesters in Islamabad who were the brunt of police brutality. Thousands of protesters have been camped outside of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s house for weeks, demanding he quit as they believe last year’s election results were rigged. Amid the chaotic police response, three protesters were killed and at least 200 were injured after thousands tried to break into Sharif’s house, reports Reuters. Police responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. Fighting continued into Sunday, with protesters lighting shipping containers and cars on fire, and attacking riot police with marbles via slingshots.

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