IKEA pokes fun at Apple in its new “Bookbook” advertisement

The biggest target is typically the easiest to hit, and ahead of Apple’s big event next week IKEA’s taking a good-natured swing at Cupertino. To debut its new 2015 catalog, the Swedish furniture company crafted a video that bears more than a passing resemblance to a TV spot from the iPhone company. Among the highlights of the “bookbook” unveiling? Eternal battery life, no-lag page loads and multiuser support. 

Ikea Singapore unveiled its latest cutting-edge invention in a new ad this week. World, meet the Ikea “bookbook.” “The first thing to note is no cables, not even a power cable. The battery life is eternal,” Jörgen Eghammer, Ikea’s “chief design guru,” says in the ad, which is aparody of Apple’s iPad launch video. Eghammer adds that all content is pre-installed in the bookbook, which uses “‘tactile touch technology which you can actually feel.” Better still, there’s “no lag…no matter how fast you scroll,” and “if you want to share a particularly inspiring item, you literally share it.” Apple, eat your heart out.

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