Japanese company wants a working space elevator by 2050

In February earlier this year, we brought you word that there might be a more affordable way to transport people to space and back which does not require a spacecraft, and neither will it burn as much fuel along the way. That was the idea of a space elevator, and here we are with another idea, also from Japan, concerning a space elevator. Construction company Obayashi intends to roll out a fully functional space elevator by the time the year 2050 rolls around.

Who does want to go to space? No less, in an elevator. While NASA’s been working hardfor years trying to find the necessary tools to do just that, other firms are doing the same across different parts of the world. Japanese construction company Obayashi, for instance, is one of those, and today it revealed its plans to have a fully functional space elevator by the year 2050. As Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports, Obayashi says it is working to build a space elevator that can reach 96,000 kilometers (roughly 60,000 miles) into space, capable of transporting people and cargo at a much lower cost thanthe rockets traditionally launched from Earth. The trip on Obayashi’s space elevator is said to take a total of seven days one-way, with the destination being a space station that would be built specifically for this scenario.

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