Leaked Oppo N3 smartphone photos show a rotating camera

A smartphone with a rotating camera? Now where have we heard of this particular idea from before? I suppose you would have to roll back a fair number of years to the days when Nokia still commanded quite a large amount of the global mobile phone share, with the Nokia N90 sporting a unique form factor which is able to let you adjust where the camera points. Having said that, the Oppo N3 has just been leaked, and it sports a rotating camera as well, allowing you to employ the primary camera on the Oppo N3 to capture selfies in high quality.

We first heard that the Oppo N3 is coming last week, when the company released an image teaser on its Facebook page. Now, thanks to an anonymous tipster, who we have very good reasons to trust, we get to see what it will look like. The images we were sent reveal a very unorthodox design, which incorporates the trademark feature of the Oppo N series – the rotating camera. This means that, just like on the N1, you will be able to use the Oppo N3’s primary camera for selfies, enjoying its full quality for your self-portraits. We also see that the Oppo N3 will come with a dual LED flash – another feature it shares with its predecessor. However, it’s quite obvious that the new phablet will be far slimmer with the camera module placed in the only bulging part on top. The N1 thickness was uniform with the camera not requiring any extra depth.

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