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Nokia’s Irish website is now pointing visitors to – the latest part of its phasing out of the legendary Finnish brand. Visitors to are now offered to ‘step inside’ the brand’s new home, with a link that redirects them to The move follows Microsoft’s blockbuster acquisition of Nokia more than a year ago – and will ultimately lead to the end of the Nokia and Windows Phone brands.

Microsoft is moving its Lumia phones to a new home. The software maker is planning to kill off the Nokia and Windows Phone brands this holiday season, and it has now started to move to in preparation. A new Microsoft Mobile Devices site is launching today, alongside tweaks to that push readers towards Microsoft’s own site. Microsoft appears to be moving each country variant of in stages, but the UK version has moved today. It’s the latest in a series of changes that will see Microsoft eventually let go of the Nokia brand altogether, a move that will likely happen once the next set of Lumia phones launch.

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