PayPal Here is now available on Android tablets

PayPal today announced its PayPal Here app now supports Android tablets. You can download the new version now from Google Play in five markets: the US, the UK, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong. The app’s changelog explains the update means merchants can now take payments on their Android tablet, as well as Android phone. In addition to the aforementioned regional limitations, however, PayPal doesn’t promise all Android tablets will be compatible.

PayPal Here, the company’s dongle-based mobile payments solution, is now available for Android tablets, the company announced this afternoon — a move that will address a large and growing swath of the tablet market. According to Gartner, PayPal notes, 62 percent of tablets sold last year run Android. The PayPal Here application allows users to accept credit card and debit card payments, as well as mobile payments via PayPal. This is done by having customers “check in” via the consumer-facing PayPal app. The PayPal Here application itself was already available for Android smartphones, and nothing much has changed with this release, beyond the support for a larger screen. Users are also able to manage their inventory, monitor sales and set discounts, taxes, tips, and more from their Android tablets. And the app includes the recently launched reporting feature that was previously offered to iOS and Android smartphone users.

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