Police can detect you texting while driving using a new radar gun

A new type of radar gun being developed in the United States may one day help Canadian police crack down on people who text and drive. Virginia based Comsonics is developing a radar-like device that would scan radio frequencies of cell phones. The company claims it would be able to tell if someone is using a phone or texting – but the company isn’t commenting on the product or when it would be released.

You’re not supposed to drive faster than the speed limit. You’re not supposed to text while driving, either. Police already have equipment that detects how fast you’re going, of course, but a Virginia company is now developing technology to monitor texting and driving from a distance. Following the radar-gun model, a Virginia company is working on a similar device that can pick up the specific radio frequencies emitted by text messages, according to The Virginian Pilot. So if you’re guilty of texting and driving, you’ll have more to worry about from parked cops than a speeding ticket.

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