Samsung has already started to poke fun at the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Samsung was already taking shots at the iPhone 6 yesterday morning with some new ads, but the Android handset maker has gone even further by releasing a set of new videos on YouTube today mocking everything from the iPhone 6 livestream problems to the device’s hardware. The ads are part of the “Note the Difference” campaign, and these specific videos belong to a playlist called “It Doesn’t Take a Genius.”

Now that Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus is ready to play in the Galaxy Note 4’s size territory, Samsung is taking the competition on with a few new ads. It’s revived the “It Doesn’t Take A Genius” tagline, and first up is a segment making fun of Apple’s glitchy live video stream during yesterday’s presentation. The rest of the videos play up Samsung’s features like multitasking windows, stylus and fast charging, or make fun of anyone using a watch that still requires a phone to get connected. Whether you’re already lined up for a refreshed slate of iStuff or if you weren’t too impressed, the latest round of Apple vs. Samsung — on store shelves instead of in the court room — is here (complete with bonus flame action).

By Jesseb Shiloh

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