Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge will not be mass produced

Earlier this month, Samsung unleashed another one of its zany special projects on us: the Galaxy Note Edge, an otherwise-normal smartphone with an edge-curved screen. Well, to the disappointment of everyone who’s bored with a flat screen, Samsung have confirmed that the Edge won’t be mass-produced, and may not be coming to the US. According to ZDNet Korea, the Edge was a ‘limited-edition concept’, not intended for the mass market. While it will go on sale, it’ll be a very limited release, and initially only in South Korea — although that’s at odds with other statements from Samsung, and US carriers.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 phablet is barreling towards release, but amid all the talk about the phone’s preorders and super-nifty Gear VR headset accessory, one question has remained unanswered: What’s up with the Galaxy Note edge, the curved, second-screened counterpart that Samsung announced alongside the Note 4 at IFA? Now we know the answer: The nifty-looking Galaxy Note Edge was never intended to be produced in bulk and sold to the masses, despite being revealed on a grand stage. The impact on you at home: Easy! You won’t be able to buy a Galaxy Note Edge unless you know somebody at Samsung or get really, really lucky. The Note Edge is another case of Samsung rushing to announce something early just so it can scream “First!” like all those annoying forum commenters—2013’s curving Galaxy Round being another example. The news comes straight from the head honcho’s mouth. Calling the Galaxy Note Edge “technology-intensive,” Samsung Electronics president DJ Lee told reporters that the device is a “limited edition concept,” according to ZDNet Korea. Limited sales of the device will start in South Korea next month and trickle out from there.

By Michio Hasai

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