Sprint has expanded its 4G LTE footprint with new roaming partnerships

Sprint is expanding its 4G LTE footprint through roaming partnerships it has signed with several rural and regional wireless operators. On Friday, it announced that it has struck deals with 15 new rural wireless carrier partners, which will help it cover an additional 4 million potential customers with its 4G LTE network. Sprint announced initial deals with 12 rural carriers in June. That deal extended the 4G LTE network to 34 million potential customers in 23 states

U.S. national carrier Sprint announced today that it has signed 15 additional agreements with rural and regional carriers to cover 4G LTE roaming on its network. Rural and regional carriers participating with Sprint in the new agreements including New York and Pennsylvania’s Blue Wireless, Kentucky’s Bluegrass Wireless, Alabama’s Pine Belt Wireless, Idaho’s Syringa Wireless, and more including members and partners of the Rural independent Network Alliance. With the 15 additional regional and rural partners announced today, Sprint says it not has 27 regional carrier partners across the United States. The announcement comes just one month afterSprint abandoned plans to acquire wireless carrier competitor T-Mobile and appointed a new CEO to lead the company. You can view a full list of Sprint’s newly announced additional 4G LTE roaming partners below and Sprint’s list of supported LTE locations here.

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