The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could run apps in landscape mode

If we get a massive 5.5-inch iPhone 6 this Tuesday, wouldn’t it make sense if the apps that ran in landscape mode had dual panes, just like on an iPad? The ever-reliable Mark Gurman of 9to5 Mac thinks they just might. Gurman has posted some screenshots sent to him by developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who altered a few key Apple apps like Calendar, Game Center and Contacts in the iOS simulator to run at 736 points x 414 points, a resolution that is widely believed to be what the 5.5-inch iPhone will have.

While the 4.7-inch version of the upcoming iPhone 6 will seemingly function as a large version of the current iPhone interface, it appears that the larger model with a 5.5-inch display could run software in landscape mode with an iPad-like user-interface (portrait views likely remain unchanged. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith altered the iOS simulator to run at 736 points x 414 points (1472 x 828 at 2x or 2208 x 1242 at 3x), the resolution we first reported was likely in the cards for at least one iPhone 6 model, and provided us with screenshots of the presented interface. As can be seen in the screenshots (above and below), this potential landscape interface for the 5.5-inch model presents a more productive workspace with dual-panes. For instance, you can now see an entire month view in the calendar along with a longer list of events. This also means that you can view individual contact cards alongside your full contacts list.

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