The Alba smart light bulb adjusts itself based on your behavior

Smart light bulbs aren’t exactly new and companies such as Philips with their Hue light bulbs are probably some of the more well-known devices out there in the market at the moment. However if you’re looking for alternatives, you might be interested to learn that the folks at Stack Lighting have recently unveiled a smart LED bulb of their own called the Alba light. So what so special about the Alba, you ask? Well according to the folks at Stack Lighting, it’s a smart light bulb because it will be able to adjust itself based on your behavior.

It’s not always easy to sell someone on the idea of smart lights – they are expensive and all of the smarter bits require a bit of work on your end. The folks at Stack Lighting think they have figured out the missing link with the Alba light. This smart LED bulb was designed around a learning system that can adjust itself based on your behavior. There are a few obvious ways that adjustable LED bulbs can improve your life. You’ll find no shortage of research to back the notion that different color temperatures are important for different tasks, and anyone who has converted their existing home to support Philips Hue (or some other brand of smart lights) will tell you that those seemingly subtle differences really do matter. The disconnect comes in choosing when and where to change certain kinds of lights throughout your house. For the most part, these lights can be adjusted to support scripted behaviors and schedules, but there’s no real way to have these lights learn as you go just yet.

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