The BlackBerry Passport is reportedly coming to T-Mobile

If you are a fan of the BlackBerry product lines, you’ll probably know that in ten days time, the Waterloo company will be officially announcing their new flagship handset which will be known as the BlackBerry Passport. The new device will replace the BlackBerry Z30 and before that, the Z10 as the new top end handset. So far, there haven’t been a lot of official details about the handset and most of the missing details should be apparent on September 24th. Today however, ahead of the announcement date, a leaked picture of the handset with a T-Mobile logo has made its way on the net. The image seems to suggest that when the phone does make its way to the United States, T-Mobile will be one of the carriers of the device.

BlackBerry fans are no doubt excited about September 24th. The company has confirmed that on this day it is going to formally announce its new flagship smartphone which is called theBlackBerry Passport. Information about its release will be provided at the event, some believe that its destined to hit the market on October 1st. If a leaked picture is to be believed it looks like T-Mobile might carry BlackBerry’s newest device in the U.S. A leaked picture of the BlackBerry Passport carries T-Mobile’s logo on its back has emerged online giving rise to speculation that perhaps Magenta is going to offer the Passport once it hits the market. Though one should approach this with caution. T-Mobile and BlackBerry CEOs had a bit of back and forth earlier this year over Magenta’s promotion which gave customers incentive for switching from a BlackBerry device to the Apple iPhone 5s. This resulted in BlackBerry deciding not to renew its contract with T-Mobile U.S. So either this leaked image is a fake and BlackBerry’s next flagship won’t be available at T-Mobile or both companies have decided to bury the hatchet and start afresh with what might be BlackBerry’s most innovative device to date. No confirmation has come in from either company so take this with a grain of salt.

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