There’s actually such a thing as a “Selfie Brush” now

What a time to be alive. We were all holding out for that perfect way to incorporate selfies into our hair-brushing routine — and behold, it has finally arrived: enter the Selfie Brush iPhone case. Never will your hair look less than excellent in a selfie again. The Selfie Brush is a paddle-like brush doubling as an iPhone 5 and 5s cover. The brush has a few perks: Users can hold the brush’s handle to extend their selfie-taking reach, which in turn, allows for more of their body to fit in the frame. It also counteracts Shaky Hand Syndrome.

Taking photos of yourself isn’t exactly new, although we guess by attaching a term like “selfie” to it has suddenly caused its popularity to explode. In fact there have been many companies out there who have decided to capitalize on its popularity by creating smartphones and cameras designed specifically for such tasks. However could things be getting out of hand? Perhaps, because an accessory called the Selfie Brush has recently been revealed. As you can see in the image above, it’s basically a hair brush in which there is a slot where you can attach your smartphone. The idea is that after you brush you hair and you’re looking good, you just flip your brush over and snap a selfie with your smartphone. We’re not sure if there is even a market for such a device or if it even a real thing (it seems like a joke/novelty product) because it’s not that hard to pick up your smartphone after you’re done brushing your hair, but if you want to save yourself that couple of seconds, then perhaps the Selfie Brush might just be what the doctor ordered.

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