Wuaki.tv is joining the 4K streaming club

Wuaki.tv is preparing to launch 4K Ultra HD content for its smart TV customers. The Rakuten-owned streaming service demonstrated its new 4K streams at IFA 2014 in Berlin, which will be available to British and Spanish subscribers later this year. The new app, due to launch later this year, has been demoed on LG and Samsung smart TVs. It’s not known for sure which smart TV platforms the new Wuaki.tv app will land on first.

In the competitive UK streaming market, pricing might be important, but many services live and die on the features they offer. With juggernauts like Netflix and Amazon already committing to bumping up the quality of their streams, Wuaki.tv is moving quickly to match its competition by adding 4K content to its service. The company has worked with LG and Samsung to develop a new app capable of streaming 4K movies direct to compatible TVs in the UK and Spain by the end of the year. Like Amazon and Tesco’s Blinkbox, Wuaki.tv offers a mixture of subscription or pay-as-you-go movies and TV shows, letting you stream its 4K content any way you want it.

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